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Michał Bojanowski's Insightful Interview on Network Analysis

In a recent episode of the "Knitting Networks" podcast, our collegue Michał Bojanowski, a computational sociologist delivered an engaging interview, shedding light on the dynamics of social networks and the role of mathematical and computational social science in understanding conflict and cooperation. Conducted by Francisca Ortiz Ruiz, this conversation delved into Bojanowski's research interests, and ongoing projects.

Michał Bojanowski's interview on the "Knitting Networks" podcast provided a fascinating glimpse into the world of social network analysis and the applications of mathematical and computational social science. His expertise, teaching prowess, and commitment to interdisciplinary research make him a leading figure in the field. By continuously pushing the boundaries of knowledge and nurturing the next generation of data analysts, Bojanowski exemplifies the spirit of innovation and collaboration that is crucial in advancing network analysis as a valuable tool for understanding our interconnected world.


Francisca Ortiz Ruiz, Postdoctoral Researcher at Millennium Institute for Caregiving Research MICARE.

Alejandro Espinosa-Rada, Postdoctoral Researcher at Social Network Lab, ETH Zürich.

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